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Sample Lesson Plan

Theme: HIV patient education and care

Overview and Objectives


Flipped classroom


The science of HIV treatment

  • Students will understand the lifecycle of HIV and be able to name the critical components in the viral lifecycle and their function
  • Students will be able to name the three enzymatic drug targets in antiretroviral therapy and will be able to tell what biochemical processes are interrupted by the antiretroviral therapy drugs
  • Students will understand the molecular mechanisms behind drug resistance

Patient Education:

  • Students will use the knowledge about HIV to develop communication strategies to address patients concerns in regards to:
    • How the HIV drugs work
    • Drug resistance / importance of adherence to the antiretroviral therapy
    • Concerns and limitations of PrEP

Patient Care:

  • Based on the compassionate care examples seen in the documentary, students will develop communication mechanisms helpful in conversation with HIV patients of different backgrounds and life styles and will be able to address their concerns in a non-judgmental way.


Target Zero Documentary, post–film test, slides

Lesson Plan Summary:

Students watch the documentary, then model different doctor-HIV-patient interactions through role plays and provide feedback for each other's presentations.