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Target Zero | Watch Full Documentary

Target Zero is a documentary series that shows the challenge and emotional complexity of the fight to control HIV infection. It features real-life patient stories, state of the art molecular animations, and interviews with medical professionals and scientists. These accounts illuminate the history of the HIV epidemic and reveal the ongoing need for compassionate, patient-centered care and a true understanding of the science behind the treatments.

Target Zero can be viewed as a single feature film or as three independent modules: Carmen, Elia, and PrEP. Each module focuses on particular aspects of HIV treatment and prevention. (56 minutes)

Target Zero: A three modules documentary about HIV treatment and prevention

Individual Modules:

Carmen | Watch

HIV Consultation, Carmen

(21 minutes)

Carmen is a mother-to-be and long term HIV positive patient, whose objective is to have a healthy baby. The film stresses the importance of ongoing patient-healthcare provider communication, and shows how current antiretroviral drugs work to interrupt the viral life cycle.

Elia | Watch

HIV and Nutrition, Elia

(22 minutes)

Elia is a pregnant woman who recently contracted HIV while homeless and is trying to rebuild her life. The film highlights the importance of integrated medical, social, and psychological care. It also illustrates the rationale for patient compliance to HIV drug regimens and touches on the viral mechanisms of drug resistance.

PrEP | Watch

HIV Prevention, PrEP

(14 minutes)

Two young gay men, Marco and Robert, want to prevent HIV infection by means of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The film demonstrates the influence that healthcare providers can have on the emotional and physical well-being of each patient by delivering non-judgmental, compassionate care.